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Since ancient times, Arab women have been keen to use these aromatic scents as well as a means of decorating, and the use of musk has extended to include perfuming the sensitive area after bathing, especially after the end of the menstrual cycle, in order to get rid of any unwanted or unpleasant odors in this area. The association with the use of musk to scent the sensitive area after the end of the menstrual cycle for women, especially in Islamic culture, is the main reason for giving the name musk purity to what women use to scent this area.
Characteristics of holding purity
Perfuming the intimate area with a consistent fragrance that lasts for long periods. There are firm beliefs among women from ancient times that using musk to perfume the sensitive area protects it from infection with fungal and bacterial infections, hence the name Musk Purity.
How to use musk purity to perfume the sensitive area?
Do not apply concentrated musk directly to the sensitive area, as it may cause irritation and inflammation in the skin, but put one swab of natural musk on a cotton ball dampened with water, then wipe the sensitive area with a gently scented damp cotton, and immediately get the desired fragrance and cleanliness.


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